Sunday, November 27, 2011

the venue: Canoe Restaurant.... and One of Kind Show

Year and years ago straight out of high school, I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. My mom said "You are not allowed to do nothing, if you're not going to university, pick a trade and learn it, so you always have something." So after some though, I thought "Hey, I like to eat, I'll learn how to cook and bake some really good stuff." So I studied culinary management for 2 years and then worked in the industry for another 3, before I decided "I really can't do this for the rest of my life", and pursued another career venue which was the right move for me since eventually I became a vegan :)

Part of my education included a co-op placement in a restaurant. Because I'm one smart cookie, I lucked out and was placed at Canoe restaurant for 8 weeks. It is one of the most upscale places to eat at in Toronto. The restaurant didn't have to accept me, I had to interview for a position I wasn't going to get paid for :) I really enjoyed my time there, learned a lot… and imagined myself having a dinner party there one day as a guest not an employee…

Since our party consisted of 39 guests plus the two of us, we booked both of the party rooms at Canoe. There is an option to buy out the restaurant, but that was way more than our budget would allow.

We were married in one, and dined in the other. 54 floors above Toronto facing the lake, was an ideal location for us. We think our guest loved it as well.

An hour for mingling, apps, cocktails, and cake cutting… before we all settled down.

I chose the menu with this thought in my mind "Who am I feeding?" I like to think I covered everyones preferences. Two options for apps, three for main, and two for dessert. Our guests made their choices that day.

For wine we stuck with Ontario vintages. We are both huge fans of our local wines, and Oliver Bonacini had just what we were looking for, both in price and taste.
The meal was fantastic… the evening enchanting… for Jay and I that is… it was what we wanted… a blur of events captured on film :)

By the way on a random note One of a Kind show is happening now at the Direct Energy Center at the Exhibition. Jay and I went yesterday... the show is huge... so much great stuff.. we didn't leave empty handed...
Our haul:
4 mustards (love my mustard)
1 jam (it's raspberry rose... yum I had a taste at the show)
5 cans of tea (they are all so delicious)
2 earthenware wine cups
2 great t-shirts
1 body butter
2 mini cream tins (looking to test them out)
1 tat butter (for Jay's arm)
- and a few other random things that are meant as presents and therefore not pictured or listed

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