Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alexander McQueen Skull Ballet Flats

Ever since I saw them, I wanted them. The price was just soooo prohibitive... However due to much appreciated generosity of our guests at our wedding... I decided to splurge and acquire a pair of flats I've been lemming for months...

We went to Holts on Nov. 14 (we were married on Nov. 11th). I browse the shoe salon... and don't see them. SA approaches Jay and asks him if she can assist him in finding something... he is not sure :) directs her to me.

Me: I'm looking for a pair of Alexander McQueen Skull flats...
SA: Hmmm we don't have any on display, they were very popular... were you looking for the black with the skull stitching... or the blue with the skull jewel...
Me: The one with the crystals... but I'd consider the one's with stitching as well...
SA: Let me check in the back... what size do you wear? (I tell her, she disappears... a minute later..)
SA: You are in luck... this is our last pair in your size...

I try them on... and well... I present an absolutely gorgeous  pair of Alexander McQueen Skull Ballet Flats in blue and black snakeskin print.


  1. YEAH! I hope if I ever get married I use the proceeds towards a pair just as awesome!

  2. Oh why did I have to see this post, now I want a pair! Perfect shade of blue.

  3. they are awesomely perfect... so much so that I haven't worn them out yet :)