Saturday, December 17, 2011

Clarins Fix' Make-Up

This was my other Clarins purchase. I'm not quite sure what my reasoning behind it was. I think it just sounded really promising. I am easily swayed by products that claim to extend the wear of my makeup, keeping my face looking its best all day long.

I like the feel of this bottle, a heavy frosted glass. I don't like how small it looks and feels for the money I spent, $30.00 CAD for 30ml.

It smells wonderful, a bit like roses. I truly enjoy spraying this on my face each morning, once my face is done. I don't like how quickly I'm using up the bottle.

It does set my make-up beautifully. I feel my makeup does look better more natural somehow, even if I have to blot a few hours later. This can be re-sprayed, but I don't, it's too expensive to be used more than once a day. It hydrates my skin but doesn't make me oily. It doesn't break me out either:)

Will I repurchase? Well since I don't see myself giving up foundation anytime soon… reluctantly I'm saying 'yes'… simply because it's pricey… the product itself is lovely. I want it, I just wish I got more of it for my money.

If you're looking for a product that sets your makeup, and you've tired others that left you disappointed, I suggest you give Clarins a chance. If you feel this is way to expensive for what it is, I suggest you at least visit a Clarins counter and spray your face with it… see if you change your mind :)

In other news the gorgeous Cat at Beauty Inside and Outside has tagged me with Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Cat. At one point I shared 7 random things about me, and you can find them HERE. As for 15 top blogs, I like way too many blogs out there to limit myself to just 15. For a list of faves just look to the right, scroll down a bit and check out the list :)


  1. please come visit my blog and follow if you like..

  2. please come visit my blog and follow if you like..

  3. Hi Dee, I'll be happy to check out your blog :)