Friday, December 30, 2011

confession: my daily must haves

There is only two things I'd have really, really, really hard time living without: lip balm and hand cream. I really didn't realize how majorly obsessed and needy I am for those two things until my sister pointed it out to me on our trip to NY… somehow I assumed every female out there loves her lip and hand products as much as I do… I stand corrected :)

I need a lip balm. I have a couple of favorites, sometimes I venture and try something new. But at all times I have a lip balm of some kind on me along with lipstick and lip gloss. I apply it several times a day… I crave something on my lips… otherwise I feel they go all dry and I start to go a bit nutty… Sometimes I'll sleep with lipgloss on. Is that equivalent to going to bed with makeup on???

I also get all itchy without hand cream. I need it year round. I absolutely have to moisturize after every-single time I wash my hands (sometimes in between)… that's around 20 times a day (I counted). I go through a lot of hand cream. I have a bottle in my washroom, a jar on my desk at work, and a tube in my purse. If any of those have less than half of the volume left, I need to purchase a backup for peace of mind.


  1. Hand cream and lip balm are def 2 of my staples as well! Never tried Aveda's, is it good?

  2. Aveda is my current favorite... while in 2011 I was an addict to L'Occitane hand cream, I think 2012 will be devoted to Aveda hand relief :)