Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DDF Acne Control Treatment

I did not purchase this product. This was a sample I received on one of my visits to Sephora. I decide to use it, on one side of my face to see if it had any acne clearing effects on my skin.

The main active ingredient in this treatment is 1.5% of salicylic acid. It claims to clear up existing acne blemishes, and help keep skin clear of any future breakouts.

I was a bit skeptical that this would have any effect on me, but since I had nothing to loose, I gave it a go.

Four weeks later, my right cheek was looking about the same.

The product is light white cream, easy to apply, quick to absorb and non-greasy. Since I didn't see any real positive improvement I am glad I got a sample vs spending my money on the full sized tube.

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