Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!... and What's in my bag…

I love these posts… our bags/purses hold our essentials, and therefore a bit of our personality. I'm not sure what mine says about me but here it is.

Few months back I mentioned to Jay that I should probably downsize my bag. It was big, cluttered, and I did receive a bit of teasing due to it's ridiculous size. I was trying to streamline my life.

Jay bought me a nice little Hedgren (love this brand) and I transferred my 'essential' goods from Abby my Matt and Nat behemoth. It's been a few months and I'm done… my purse is always overstuffed, barely able to zip up… I needed my luggage… it makes me feel anchored :)
the mini, minutes before it gets retired
Here is what I lug around on day to day basis… in alphabetical order :)
my essential junk
Blackberry with a little bag to store it in- to stay connected :), I don't even know my number…
book - always need to have something to read… always… even when I go out for dinner I have a book on me (most of the time)… I don't pull it out… but… one day when we finally run out of conversation…
change purse - for coins and most frequently used cards
chestnut - from a real chestnut tree
cinnamon - jar - organic
flashlight - to help me find stuff in my giant :)
house keys - goes without saying
little black bag - algebra & probability flash cards,  cuz you know... if you don't use it you loose it 
little blue bag - toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, lipstick, lipgloss
little brown bag 1 - survival kit for that time of the month + advil and some band-aids
little brown bag 2 - randomness: cold sore aid, mini mani set, concealer, hand sanitizer, tide to go, hair clip, nail oil pen, hand cream, blotting sheets, rubber band, kleenex
little pink bag - mirror and 6 lip products
notepad - Moleskine - you never know when an idea strikes that you need to write down
pens - 4 - in case one runs out of ink I have backups
scientific calculator - …
sun block - sun is my enemy
sunglasses - Burberry 
tic tacs  - minty fresh
TTC metropass - for getting around
USB Key - 1GB - that's pretty useless, I don't even know what's on it
wallet - Matt & Nat - along with some $, bank cards, store point cards, coupons, and ID, I also carry little laminated Calculus Derivatives and Chemical Periodic Table cards… hey once again you never know
Abby all loaded up... and piglet in the background annoyed at having her nap time disturbed
…. and that's it… I plan to do this post once a year on this day… I think it will be fun to see how much my purse and its contents change… or don't :)


  1. Boy that's a lot of stuff! And really organised!

  2. First of all Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day :)

    Now on to the big big bag that I am loving..I have 2 questions, chestnut and cinnamon - why? ;)

    This post is making me want to bring out a bigger bag and put some more stuff in it. hahaha

  3. interesting post, you've got a lot of stuff in your bag! (and cute dog) x

  4. yes the bag is big but it makes me feel complete :)

    Thank you darling d :)

    chestnut: i picked it up in a park, put it in my bag.. now when I organize my purse I can't throw i out... since it doesn't really take up that much space I just keep it

    cinnamon: is my favorite spice... i put it on stuff and in coffee when I do have one... I find it easier to carry some with me than to ask for it every time... plus mine tastes better :)