Saturday, December 24, 2011

La Roche-Posay Effaclar M

This a daily mattifiying moisturizer. I apply it every morning and sometimes at night. It's very light, yet it does the job of keeping my skin hydrated. As the day progresses my skin will become a tad oily eventually, but not as excessively as it used to.

This is yet another product in the LP range that targets the size of your pores. It contains 0.3% of LHA, an ingredient I'm starting to think of as acne cure; vitamins to protect skin from environmental aggressors; and zinc which controls shine.

This oil free moisturizer is a winner for me, even here in Canada, when winter weather can be so harsh (but I might be speaking too soon here. I've been only using this for two months, January-February will be the true winter test months). It's feels good upon application, it helped restore a semblance of balance to my face, and it is formulated for sensitive skin types.

Worth a repurchase.

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