Thursday, December 8, 2011

LORAC Eye Shadow in Persuasion

One of my all time fave highlighting shadows. Purchased on Hautelook at one point months ago. It was a great sale 3 shadows for $18.00 USD. I believe regularly one retails for that much.

The packaging isn't much. I'm ok with it, but if these regularly retail for $18.00 I'd expect something a bit more snazzy.
The formula is an absolute winner. Great pigmentation, easily blended, and it does not crease on me, with or without a primer.

It's a perfect light beige-bone pearly shade that works really well as an all over base color.  But my favorite way to use it is on my brow bone... it's the shade I sweep on almost every single day. I have two of these, I won't be running out anytime soon... but once I do I hope a similar sale is on once again :)
late daylight

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