Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lush: Pink Bath Bomb, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

The bath bomb is small in size, but it's awesome. When I dropped it into my tub it floated and had a great fizz to it. It colored my water bright pink. Ingredients like tonka bean and vanilla, make this a sweet smelling bomb. Additions of lavender and neroli oils make it indulgent.

I combined my Pink bath bomb with Christmas Eve bubble bar which is blue. My water turned a lovely indigo-grape color.

I'm sure it could have been cut in half or thirds or fourths to get more bang for the buck, but I love to bath spoil myself and used the whole disk all at once. It has a strong fragrance, jasmine and ylang ylang which clings to your skin… delicious. It also contains Irish moss powder which supposedly turns to gel upon contact with water, and softens skin and hair. The amount of Irish moss to the amount of water I use didn't thicken my water, but my skin felt wonderful after my soak. And I was all relaxed and ready for bed.

I think I need to pick up a couple more of Christmas Eve bubble bars before the season is over. They are great, love the color, love the scent, love the bubble staying power.


  1. Ahh I was in today and went for the wand, could've bought it all though!x