Saturday, December 10, 2011

NARS Kuroko Mini Nail Polish Set

From NARS website:
"An exquisite and modern mix of kabuki inspired shades for nails. Dramatic high-shine and shimmering hues in advanced formulas to provide high-gloss, durable, chip-resistant finishes."
Yes... when I saw this mini collection, I couldn't pass it up. The packaging is gorgeous... but its what's inside that makes me truly happy... nestled in black velvet, four shades traditionally used in Kabuki theater

From left to right:
    * Yoshiwara (Red)
    * Shiro-Nuri (White)
    * Kata (Black)
    * Senryou (Gold)

Each bottle is 0.25 fl oz or 7.4 ml... I like minis. For someone who's drawer is overflowing with polish... minis are the way to go :)

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