Sunday, December 4, 2011

Philosophy Lip Gloss in Peppermint Bark

This lip gloss was part of Philosophy Holiday package 500 point trade in at Sephora last season. I found it in my stash and decided to be all Christmassy and wear (hopefully use it up) all December long.

The flavor is chocolate-mint, and while I used to enjoy my peppermint patties, the scent of this really put me off the first time I put it on. But since I traded in good points for it, I wasn't going to toss it after the first go. With repeated applications, my aversion to the scent went away.

That is a good thing because this gloss has a couple of qualities which I love:

One it's super shiny. The color is lovely dark red in the tube with red shimmer, but it applies practically clear, and the shimmer isn't noticeable on your lips at all, unless you stare at your kisser really closely. They just look wet and juicy :)

Two, I know a lip gloss deal breaker for some, but not for me… it's sticky :) It's sticky and it stays… I actually wear it to bed.

It's also slightly moisturizing, my pucker feels great once it wears of; and because of peppermint, my lips register a slight 'tingling' sensation when first applied, which I also kind of like. When I lick my lips I taste sweet :)

So overall, I wouldn't purchase with my own money. But I would accept it as a gift or stocking stuffer… flavor is blah, but overall product is good in my books :)
 easy applicator... and see the fine red shimmer
 shiny, wet, shimmery :)


  1. You had me sold until you said it was sticky! Lol

  2. hahahaha i know... i love sticky glosses so much... i think its because i have short hair, so never run into hair on lips scenario, no matter how windy it is outside :)

  3. This looks really yummy - it's the kinda thing I'd be drawn to when I'm shopping cos it looks all bright n festive! Got my first Philosophy gloss just over a month ago and although it's a nice enough product I don't think I'd spend my hard earned cash on it again. For the price I just think there are far better options available! :)

    P.S. It looks really nice on - I wouldn't have guessed that it'd be so subtle looking. Oh and the slight shimmer is very pretty ♥

  4. Joy,

    I know I was a bit skeptical about the color, but every single day I'm liking it a bit more :)