Saturday, January 21, 2012

2 piece Anthropologie haul

Ever since on a random day we visited this store, whenever we happen to find ourselves in Yorkville I have to stop by, just to browse.

Last time (Jan. 8th) I spotted a deal I couldn't pass up. These pants are most likely pj bottoms, but I see them as something to wear to the beach… so pretty. However I didn't buy them just because they were pretty, that was a factor, but it was the 50% markdown that had me won over.
My second item was regularly priced… there were only two left of this kind… and I haven't seen a jewelry sale there yet… so I said yes to these earrings.
My favorite part about this purchase is the little storage pouch the earrings were put in. Isn't that the most adorable thing ever… so pretty.


  1. Love the butterfly trousers :)I have awarded you the versatile blogger award. Check out my blog for details x

  2. IE - I agree, no regrets with getting those

    Sunny - thank you so much :)