Sunday, January 22, 2012

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

I don't remember where I received this sample. It was most likely a 100 point trade in at Sephora. Since I used up my previous mascara, I decided to run through my samples and see if I have any new undiscovered favorites hiding in my drawer.
I pulled out Benefits They're Real!, and it seems I scored on my first choice. First I love the big plastic brush, it holds just enough product, and it covers a lot of lashes at once. Second this wand somehow manages to grab onto my lashes, it keeps them separate as it coats them in black tar. Third it adds illusion of length and volume. Fourth it doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day.
Up until I tried this, the only tube of mascara I'd spend my own money on is bare Minerals volumizing one. But I think I'll give a full sized version of this a try as well, because my little sample simply rocks, and a girl can definitely have two favorite mascaras.

Now for some eye shots. I would like to say that it was so very hard to take eye pictures. I don't know how others do it. If the angle looks kind of odd, it was, it was :) But first up, the natural no product shot. My lashes naturally want to make friends, and sort of tend to group together :)
 and below a good coat of Thye're Real!... it's a good mascara
 below straight ahead shot... I don't think it really shows off my lashes to the best of their ability... but what the heck... I took like 20 pictures... and only 3 were in focus and worth sharing... so I'm giving you all 3 :)


  1. great post!
    i love the benefit mascara too! i'm wearing it now actually :-D

    thanks for the follow xxx

  2. I have this mascara and I love it too!

  3. I love how the eye picture shows how the brush really did help separate your lashes. I need it now lol