Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boxing Day at Holt Renfrew

Can you believe that was a month ago?!

Anywho I'm not a big boxing day shopper. But I will get out there for a couple of hours as a sort of "I've done it" thing.

I like quality costume jewelry. I like browsing Holt displays for fun, because even though it might be glass, it's still pretty glass… and yes pricey as well… therefore browsing not buying. But on Dec. 26th I found two pieces, I adored and decided to acquire.

First pretty, I call it my "Aztec" necklace. It's feels heavy and substantial, the brushed gold catches the light very nicely, and it looks so pretty. They had one with green stones, but something about these deep cognac ones had me smitten. Original retail value $298 CAD… boxing day markdown $109… sweet!
 Second pretty, a bracelet. I purchased it with the intent of gifting it to someone… but the longer I looked at it, the less likely that was going to be.  I adore the multi color sparkle/shimmer in these dark navy beads. The string allows for resizing to fit wider or thinner wrists. Markdown percentage not as wild as the necklace, but the piece is beautiful, and the price was right… originally at $47 CAD… I got it for $19.99.
Both pieces were packed in these sweet round, cloth pouches.  I promised myself to be back next year :)


  1. I always admire those who can wear costume jewelry--- I think it's so much fun and can look original. Both the amber red and cobalt blue are so striking!

  2. yes costume jewelry is a lot of fun... everyone should wear it :)

  3. I love the navy bracelet wow so pretty. And you got a bargain.x

    1. i love wearing it on sunny days... it just catches the light so pretty