Saturday, January 14, 2012

CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet sample swatches

I should note that there is more than one CHANEL counter in Toronto, but I acquire 99% of all my CHANEL treats at only 1. Simply because at the 99% counter I'm not hassled, but at 1% counters the SAs don't seem to understand "no"; 1% shopping is usually done out of desperation, and every single time it leaves me damaged for days.

Anywho Jay gets the best treats. I've made a couple of dizzying makeup purchases, but the most I've ever gotten is a standard perfume sample. I don't know there just must be something about me…or maybe there is something about CHANEL SAs… even Jay finds them a bit aloof, except for one. Now when I need/want something I just send him, and he hopes his girl is there :). I may not be a favorite with the CHANEL SAs but CHANEL brand is a favorite of mine. :)

So back to the cool sample. Somehow he managed to score a lipstick booklet.

Jay said: You know I'll have to buy a lipstick now.
Me (confused): …. and this is an issue how???….
Jay (smiling): shut up...
pretty, very pretty...
packaged like little pills... all the colors looked very promising...
the lipsticks are matte... a touch of sheen does appear due to flash, but these are matte lipsticks... It applies sooo smoothly, texture is outstanding... very creamy. Color wears very well as well. But I did find these shades to be a bit drying... and I do apply a bit of lip balm after a couple of hours of wear.
daylight (shade)
direct sunlight
 Swatches on my lips. Pictures taken using flash.
First up La Ravissante 32. This shade is a coral with obvious orange tendency. This shade is pretty but definitely not something I'd purchase myself. Orange is not my color.
 Next La Raffinee 34, which is totally my shade.... a mauve pink... love
 L'Exuberante 37 is a pretty pink. I have a couple of pink shades, and I don't wear them very often... I don't see myself reaching for this a lot...
 last La Fascinante 38... a dip rich red... love it, but I do own a deep rich red already (maybe a couple)... this one is a bit darker than the other two... Jay declared "too dark for me"...
So do I need/want one? Well I have a couple of matte lipsticks in my collection already, I always wear them with a lipgloss. Currently I'm just not sophisticated enough to appreciate a matte lippie. My favorite of the 4 was La Raffinee, but it is not something I must absolutely have. One because I have shades similar to it in my collection already… two it's matte, and it will be glossed over. So enjoying my sample, but not a convert.


  1. #37 looks great! I don't know if I would be able to wear this on its own though. I love the formulations of the rouge allures.

  2. i think i'd wear it in the summer on the beach :)... but i'm not a beach kind of person :)

  3. I love mauves or pinks. These are pretty! My fav here is La Raffinee 34 from all the pics. nice!