Friday, January 13, 2012

Clé de Peau Beauté: smoothing base for lines

Today I'm going to review a sample I received, and having tried it answer the question "does it make me want to purchase the full sized version?"

So lets take a look at Smoothing Base for Lines from Clé de Peau.

First this is the puniest cheapest sample I think I've seen to date, and it comes from one of the most prestigious, luxurious, ridiculously priced lines ever. All I learned from CdP online is that this product "protects from external aggressors such as UV rays". Ok, but many products out there do.
I got two uses out of my tiny sample. The product feels rich and creamy. Because of flash it looks white, but it's actually a very pale beige. It applies easily but I found it definitely gave my face a lighter (white) tone. It looked a bit like cheap sunscreen actually. I don't have many lines except for the canyon that's slowly forming on my forehead. This product did nothing for that line, and I can't speak what effects it would have on smaller finer lines.
 After a couple of minutes the whiteness seemed to diminish (this may be all in my head), and I proceeded with foundation application. Both times this turned out to be a nightmare. My foundation settled in every single pore on my face, it started to gather, became difficult to blend in, looked cakey, messy; impossible to work with.
 I still braved the day because how else am I going to write about it :) My t-zone was an oily mess in a couple of hours, foundation just kept melting and deteriorating throughout the day… not impressed.

Now I only got to try this product twice, it was formulated for lines, I know CdP has a version for pores, I think if I had a choice I'd prefer a sample of that one. Also maybe this stuff is great in conjunction with CdP foundation (right now I'm too cheap to invest in one), or another foundation… but I only had two uses, so can't say.

As it stands, this sample was a disaster. It did not work, I wasn't even tempted to know what it cost, but I did look it up…. Holy Grandma! this tube retails for a ridiculous $80 CAD ($76 USD)…

So what should you take away from this review:

1. I had a two use sample… really not enough product or time for a through evaluation.

2. I have problematic combination complexion… I described how I saw this product reacting with my skin… There is a following out there for this stuff, maybe it complements someone with drier and/or less flawed skin better.

3. It's an $80 primer/sunscreen!!! I'd rather waste my money on color: lipstick, blush, shadows… or a moisturizer, or an actual foundation, or nail polish, or clothes, or dinner, or… :)

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