Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dior Garden Clutch in Granville Garden #002

As I mentioned yesterday, what I was really lemming this season is Dior Garden Clutch, a gorgeous woven texture, light pink exterior with rose shaped clasp… omg!!! stunning!!! Inside three eye shadows, and two lip products. The lippies are covered by a silver door to prevent shadow contamination. There were two versions of this clutch: Milly Garden #001 (reviewed yesterday) which has purple-silver-pink shadows and Granville Garden #002 which has a brown-peach-green shadows.

Holt Renfrew has #001 Milly Garden. They Bay has #002 Granville Garden.

Jay got Milly for me, since he works practically next door. We went together for Granville. As we walk into The Bay I pull back a bit,
Jay: What's wrong?
Me: I feel queasy and anxious.
Jay: Why?
Me: You'll find out in 30 seconds.

When we left the Dior counter having acquired only what we wanted…

Me: Do you understand now?
Jay: Jeeezuz I feel worked, I'm so sweaty, my hands are shaking. Next time you want something, tell me, I'll go alone.

We had the mother of all SA's… and I mean OMG!!!! I understand the concept of an up-sale  but I said no 10 times (so did he), repeatedly refused to follow you around the corner and you still won't give up… just give me what I waaaant. The other 3 Dior SA's just stood there, like dear caught in headlights, when I made the mistake of mentioning the blush… and I realized that I know more about it then they do….. so forget the blush, just forget it, no I don't want to see anything else, really pleeeaaaase I'm a nice person but you make me want to scream…. I just want this, just this, I just want this, my finger hurts from pointing… please for all that is Dior just sell me what the f^@% I'm asking for!

I'm sorry The Bay I don't know what kind of SA training program you've got, but it's stress I don't need in my life. I don't want to deal with you anymore, and I won't ask Jay to either… If it's not at Holts or Sephora, and I want it bad enough there is always the good old  internet… you are not worth the grays you gave me.

Ok, if you read through that rant and are still with me... here is the clutch itself :)
 Each clutch comes with an applicator... sponge tip on one side... lip brush on the other...
 Shades from left to right: brown, peach, very light green...
 I love the soft color payoff of this palette... shades are beautiful...
 Lip products are gorgeous shade of peach in the pan, but there is absolutely no color payoff when swatched on the arm... they just appeared well glossy... the darker shade is a regular gloss... the lighter shade is a lip plumper type of gloss, you will feel that minty tingling...
 On my lips both products mixed together... non-sticky, shiny, clean, minimalistic lip


  1. wow- the palette is gorgeous. Those colors are beautiful- and the I'm in love with that lip palette. I am probably more into neutral lips colors than anything- and those have a nice shine!

  2. Wow love this! you are a lucky girl :D xx

  3. Yes it is gorgeous... now that I look at it, it was worth the hassle :)

  4. Hey I have given you the cute blog award on my blog. Please check it out! :)