Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dior Garden Clutch in Milly Garden #001

My first item that I couldn't resist this coming spring is a makeup clutch from Dior. I received one from Jay in December 2010... this one I actually swatched the minute I got some acceptable light...

The clutch is a beautiful soft pink color, with a basket weave pattern...
I love the rose shaped clasp...
 Milly garden has three rose embossed shades. From left to right: a purple-gray one, silver one, and a soft pink one... under the Dior silver separator, lip products...
 There are two lip products included, both are glosses. In the pan both look like nice cool light pinks... the darker one has shimmer to it and is a regular gloss... the light one is a milky-opaque plumping gloss, it give your lips that minty tingling feeling..
 Now for the swatches. The shadows are soft and shimmery. Light pink appears almost iridescent... the pigmentation isn't rich, but somehow I didn't expect it to be. These colors are really easy to blend.... I am in love...
 glosses are really creamy and non sticky... the plumper does tingle... shades are really soft and so the swatches aren't much..
 I swatched them on my lips the way I wear them, both together at once... as you can see the opaque shade dominates, and upon close examination settles into fine lines... but somehow I don't mind (I think months of wearing Nars Turkish Delight has me won over). Plus you only notice that when you're really close, from a distance it's just a pretty glossy pale pink lip. 


  1. I am so jealous!!! Dior is one of my absolute favorite cosmetic brands and this clutch is too cute. Thanks for the swatches lady


  2. I can't resist Dior... especially when I hear limited edition... their products make me weak :)

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    2. thank you so much Steffani :)

  3. I love the Dior clutch so pretty! Now following! xoxo


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