Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh: Sugar RoseTinted Lip Treatment SPF 15... and "Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?"

Fresh makes very nice tinted lip balms, and I do love them so. The price on the other hand is a bit steep... but every now and then I treat myself... especially when one is included in a box set. My second acquisition is Rose, as sheer berry shade.
 This is several back and forth coats of the shade on my arm, and as you can see the color doesn't really build up, but stays nicely barely there pink... a tiny flush of blush for your lips.
 feels lovely on and tastes of sweet lemons

.... and I read it
... no, no I don't think I am...


  1. I love that colour! It's not like anything I have how much does it cost? xx

  2. Hi Elf,

    Fresh Sugar lip balms retail for $22.50 USD ($26 CAD).