Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lush: Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb

I purchased this bath bomb a couple of weeks ago ($5.95 CAD). This past Sunday seemed like a good day to use it. Described by Lush as '… gold-dusted apple cinnamon bomb…' it just sounded delicious.

The bomb is dense and heavy for it's size. It sinks right to the bottom of the tub. If left undisturbed Lush says it will slowly rise to the top (like a Phoenix :)). But I couldn't stop myself from handling it. The outside core is so much fun to watch as it melts. It turns your water an opaque lavender color. Once the hard shell dissolves, the light sea-foam green core fizzes out rather quickly and turns the water a deep purple.

My bomb also had a piece of cinnamon in it. Now, the bomb was all fine, but I won't be repurchasing this one for one simple reason: the scent just didn't do it for me. I know there is supposed to be apple, cinnamon and Lush says orange in it… but I didn't smell any of these. The only way I can describe the scent of my bath water is kind of peppery… I'm a fruity, flowery kind of girl, this spicy fragrance was not relaxing at all, or that pleasant for that matter… and that is my personal opinion.

Still I soaked and read… but at the end I soaped up really well… I didn't want Phoenix to linger on my skin.

PS. hahahahahaha I just caught my own spelling mistake on the picture it's supposed to be "blogspot" not "bogspot" :)

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