Monday, January 23, 2012

MAC Amplified Creme lipstick in Fast Play

I received this from Jay. I don't know why, I didn't hint at it, I didn't even know about this shade, I am not a MACaholic. I have a couple of their lippies, one gloss, and a couple of eye pencils, some nail polish, and that's about it. No foundation, no blush, no bronzer, no shadows… not a follower. So this was rather random.
 Still I must say MAC lippies have (or at least the 4 that I own) a very beautiful creamy texture, excellent color, and delicious light vanilla cookie scent. Their Amplified Creme - Fast Play is no exception. Excellent lasting color, feels rich, and buttery when applied. It is also a very very wearable color for me… something I tend to gravitate towards… an every day kind of shade. It's described on MAC website as neutral pink.
daylight (shade)
daylight (sunshine)
 Final thought, pretty and flattering. Husband has good taste :)


  1. Awesome choice! I've seen this shade in store :) and I love the Amplified range

  2. I agree, now when I wear it I realize I needed this in my stash :)

  3. I've just ordered my first MAC lipstick! would you say they are worth the money? Excited to see how mine turns out!

    (I think I've gotten carried away commenting on your posts! haha, I'm just finding your blog really interesting!!)

    keep up the good work x

    1. i think MAC lippies are totally worth the money... or maybe I should say I love the few I have :) in case they have different formulations for different finishes