Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ooopps… and Shit Girls Say

I don't want to say I've created a "limited edition", "gift with purchase" monster… but I've created a "limited edition", "gift with purchase" monster…

It is to my benefit… but is it right that all the SA's at the beauty counters stalk him, talk to him, entice him, flirt with him, call him… to purchase stuff for me???…. They know my name… they know my tastes… they know his weakness….

Pictured mini YSL nail lacquers from the Fall 2011 Black Collection (from left to right: shiny black, matte black, Black Lapis 127, Black Bronze 126, Black Indigo 128)… i'm still growing out 5 of my nails… it's been like a year… these constant set backs are really frustrating…

Jay also acquired a Jo Malone fragrance that he's been coveting for a while. Pictured the beautiful gift with purchase… these mini bottles are great for travel… enough for a week of vacation, not much heartache if broken or lost :)
The above were acquired early in November, I just finally got around to sharing :)

and these videos are hysterical... I'm not guilty of all of them, but I heard myself a number of times :)

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