Monday, January 16, 2012

Picks from Dior and CHANEL 2012 Spring Makeup Collections

Last week the first new releases of 2012 hit the counters. I've been browsing them online for weeks... knew what I wanted. So when the call came that they're here I was ready :)

Below what I couldn't resist:
From Holt Renfrew
- Dior Garden Clutch in Milly Garden along with Waterlily and Forget-Me-Not nail polishes, which smell like roses by the way
- CHANEL - Blush Horizon De Chanel, Soft Glow Blush along with April, May, June nail polishes

From The Bay:
- Dior Garden Clutch in Granville Garden

and I'm also waiting for the Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush - 001 Petal that I ordered from Sephora.

Swatches coming soon.


  1. oh my ~!!! beautiful purchases!! the names of the chanel nail polishes are so cute! i want april! it's my birth month :)

  2. April is my favorite color from that collection, can't wait to wear it... not sure if I should wait until April ... lol...

  3. The Dior nail polishes are such gorgeous springtime colours :)Beautiful

  4. Jealous of those lovely finds! they're so gorgeous, I love high quality make up like that, but i often just overspend on cheap remakes. But sephora is fabulous. they have it all!

  5. Sunny - nail polishes are my weakness, I can't seem to stop collecting them

    Camelia - Sephora is a fave store of mine... I love to browse and swatch at my own pace :)