Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ugh it happened to me and 2012 resolutions

I feel for bloggers who post about products that are being or will be discontinued, and their frustration that something they love is being taken away. I feel for them but at the same time I couldn't really empathize, because none of those products were ever anything that I absolutely needed in my collection.

That is until I went to repurchase a tube of my favorite conditioner, Phytobaume by Phyto. This conditioner is so great for my fine hair. I look and look and it's not on the shelves. It has been reformulated. Currently there are three different types of Phytobaume. I was floored, I can't believe something I rely on is no longer there. None of the new bottles smell like the original, and the original smells incredible, like Liliac.

I didn't even get a chance to stock up….. or so I thought. I took to my laptop. It appears it was still in stock online at Sephora. It retails for $22 USD, I put 6 in my basket. Went to Canadian checkout, and it was marked down to $12 CAD… OMG!… I put 6 more in my basket.

So I have my favorite… for a little bit longer… :)

I don't usually make resolutions, but I felt like joining the well intentioned club this year :) So...
1. read more - the unread stash on my shelf is growing... I need to spend more time on it 
2. de-clutter my closet - too much stuff not being used... I need to take some time weed the unwanted out and donate it so someone might put it to good use once again
3. conquer 10K in 1h - I've been building up to this, I feel it's time I finally achieve it... also build up upper body strength for August
4. Use up the samples I receive. I figure samples are given out, so that one may try the product then come back and spend money on it. So I'll start using up the hoard I've got and see if I discover new favorites based on the free amount I got to play with.


  1. You got lucky with the conditioners !! I wish you luck with your resolutions ;)

  2. Great resolutions. I'd love to finish a 10k too. Trying to work on not sucking at running first hahaha. Good luck!

  3. hi tasha and Steffani... did my first run of 2011 today, but it wasn't anywhere near 10K :)... now time to condition :)