Friday, January 27, 2012

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum - sample review

On his way home last week, Jay stopped by the YSL counter at Holts and picked up the 2012 Spring polishes for moi.
Since he's a frequent visitor to Holts, many of the SA's know him by name if not by face, and they know who all the treats are for :)

So the gorgeous YSL SA (and I mean gorgeous, this woman is like the sun, your gaze is drawn to her, but you can't stare for too long… it hurts :)). Well anyways she bestowed upon Jay a sample of YSL's Forever Youth Liberator serum. Three days worth to be exact, because and this is coming from her through Jay that if after 3 days I'm not wowed by the changes then I'll never be wowed. Well ok…..
I was nervous to use it, I mean I am pretty oblivious to settle changes. I'm never sure if my skin is glowy, dewy, luminous, or right down oily…  I don't know…

Anywho I did not want to be swayed by any online opinions so I didn't check if there are any online reviews, but I did google the price. Looking young doesn't come cheap…
30ml of the serum retails for £60 approximately $100 CAD
100ml of the serum breaks the bank at £100 over $300 CAD

and I grabbed this form YSL online UK version

YSL.SKINSCIENCE has developed a patented1 powerful serum enriched with a combination of 3 glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.²
88% agree skin looks more luminous³
72% agree fine lines appear less visible³
72% agree skin feels more plumped³
¹ Patents pending
² In Vitro Test
³ Self assessment on 50 women
This elixir has the highest concentration of Glycanactif™.

There is a little bit more on glycobiology here - don't know how reliable the source is

The self assessment of 50 women is pretty useless as a scientific study. Where is the control group? Where are the independent dermatological comparison assessments between those 50 and the control group… the before and after shots???

I mean I look at the back of the packet, and I wish I majored in chemistry.
But regardless the line is aimed at women over 30 and so one fine morning, I analyzed my face and neck in the mirror for good 10 minutes. Took pictures (not sharing those)… and slapped on the serum for the next 3 days, morning and evening… In the morning after a wash, I toned first with my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astringent Lotion, then the serum, then some Effaclar K. In the evening after cleansing, LRP toner, the serum, and Effaclar Duo.

Serum is lightly viscous, and a semi-opaque very light pink in color. It has a light YSL scent. Do you know what I mean? :) It's spreads easily, absorbs relatively quickly, and is non-greasy.

After 3 days… reanalyzed my skin… took pictures… and came to these conclusions…
1. I'm not wowed but I am happy.
2. Skin seems more even toned.
3. Texture does feels more plump, even and hydrated.
4. Aaaaaand this is a biggie, absolutely no breakouts, and the ones I had, really subsided.
5. Points 1 to 3 might be wishful delusional observations ... but 4 is the truth as I see it, for the past 3 days :)

So this is a "self assessment" of only 1 woman, and just as useless as YSL's version of 50… but there you have it :) If you give any of the products from this line a try, let me know… I'd love to know your experience.

Other than the serum, YSL Forever Youth line also includes:
- 3 types of face creams (one for normal/combination, one with spf 15, and one for dry skin), £60 approx. $100 CAD
- moisturizing fluid, £60 approx. $100 CAD
- eye cream (I promised myself that if the serum wows me I will invest in the eye cream, £40 approx. $60 CAD… I'll give it some more tought)
- cleansing foam, £35 approx. $55 CAD
- toner, £35 approx. $55 CAD

So will I invest in a bottle of YSL Youth Liberator Serum? Maybe, eventually, just so I can have a proper 30 day trial... but I'm not running out to get it... I have other things to use up first, and in the meantime contemplate if I really want to drop $100 CAD on 30ml of product...


  1. Nevermind that serum, those nail polishes look SO pretty! *sigh*
    (I don't have anything clever to say on the serum, 'cause I never use anti ageing stuff - though at 28 I probably should...)


    1. I agree I'm in love with the polish colors... the serum... I have serious doubts about all anti-aging products... I think diet and exercise will keep me looking young more effectively than any cream or serum :)

  2. OMG LUCY! the nail polishes look so gooooood! Im gonna leg it to the mall right now!!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. YSL has put out some gorgeous shades this season :)

  4. those YSL polishes look amazing!!!

    1. Hi Hayley... they are gorgeous, I can't wait to wear them :)

  5. Hi im busy trying out the YSl youth liberator if you need more opinions great blog.

  6. always interested in more opinions :)