Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush

So why did I need this Dior blush?
1. The product reacts with your skin chemistry (moisture levels in your skin) to create a perfect rosy blush complimentary to your skin tone.
2. I love makeup.
3. I'm weak.
4. I couldn't resists something so beautiful.
In the pan, you are presented with a Dior embossed bright fuchsia pink powder. Beautiful and intimidating at the same time:) . Don't be tempted to layer this on. Simply lightly sweep it on, wait a couple of min for the color to develop, then decide if you want to build up more intensity with another swipe or not.
the pan does include a nice flat brush... Dior suggests swiping it once over the powder and once over your cheek... I haven't touched the brush... I'm just never sold on the ones included with a palette... I rather use my own. Picture below taken with flash to show the delicate barely there simmer (that's so fine, I feel it's mostly in my head)...
some dusted onto my MAC 109... by the way this blush has a lovely delicate rose scent...
 Because this color depends on individual skin chemistry, arm or face swatches really don't tell you anything, other than how it looks on that person. Regardless here is the color on my arm...
I really love this blush. Other than the outstanding texture, it gives me that custom color I've been searching for. It looks beautiful on, and I am happy with my purchase :)
What I really want to do if I could is to fly out somewhere hot and dry like Arizona and try it on, then hop on a plane and go somewhere hot and super humid like South Beach in August... just so I could compare how my individual skin level moisture affects the color of my cheeks :)

It is wise to try this product at the counter before putting down the green, to see how it will react with your skin. I didn't, it could have been a big regret, but it turned out to be a big love… Dior doesn't let me down :)


  1. Oh soo lovely, Oh so want, Oh so need, Oh so getting ready to go to the mall, Oh so grabbing my car keys, Oh so gone for repair so gonna have to wait! Thank god it's permanent! I can hold out for a few days! Nice purchase Lucy xx

  2. Thank you ladies :) Dior is definitely a weakness of mine :)

  3. I have been TRYING to stay away from the Dior counter but might have picked up the two Garden Party nail polishes a few days ago.... Oops!!

    Most high end make up brands are my weaknesses ;-))


    1. me too, I tell my self to stay away... I just never listen :)