Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jo Malone Vitamin E Nourishing Hand Treatment

First and unrelated to the post the fabulous Jennifer at JenElizLouise has awarded me the Versatile blogger award... thank you so much Jennifer. Please check out her blog, it's great. All the blogs I love can be found the on the right hand side of the screen... and I've shared random things before about myself... lol... I'm just not much for sharing..

I received a sample of this cream. Used it... and now will review it...

I'd describe this cream as extremely rich, velvety, heavy, creamy, dense, luxurious. It has 'body' to it. My hands feel so wonderful after I use this, soft, not greasy, and the scent is incredibly delicious. It's signature Jo Malone fragrance, if you know what I mean, but it's toned down. It doesn't compete with any fragrance I'd be wearing. So delicious that I navigated to Jo Malone website to check what it is… and I learned that the divine combination is pomelo and cassis. It should be bottled as a Living Fragrance and candles, and cologne, so I can have my house and myself smelling this good.

Price per tube $55 CAD.... ouch!!!. The tube is a generous 100ml… ok not generous at all… so while I adore all things Jo Malone, including this hand cream, I will not spend my money on it. Don't get me wrong I loved my sample, but I adore my Aveda Hand Relief, which is basically half the price or twice the goodness :)



  1. If only the Jo Malone vitamin e line wasn't so expensive!!

  2. sounds a lovely hand cream but not cheap! x

    1. yup I'm going to hint for it as a birthday gift :)