Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lush: Magic Wand Bubble Bar

This little treat is no longer available as it was part of the Holiday 2011 special. I picked up two late December during the post Holiday two for one sale.

How to use… swirl under running water for some bubble action. You don't need to melt it all just the amount that gives you the personal perfect amount of foam. I must say this bubble bar is exceptional… it produces rich luscious foam, and it holds up while you soak… It also smells lovely.

I read one bloggers review and she was on her 15th bath, using the same wand!!! I think that's miraculous :) I am a bath product hog, there no way I was going to reach double digits, but even I had 5 super foamy baths using one wand.

So bottom line, this was definitely worth the money… even more so that I paid for 1 but got 2 :) And it would be lovely if Lush made it a permanent staple in their line, but if not, then at least they should bring it back for 2012 Holidays :)

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