Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday to Friday Routine

I don't know if I have fallen into a winter rut, if I'm simply obsessed, or it's sheer convenience. But for over a month now every Monday to Friday these are the products I've been reaching for every single morning… The combo is simple, and naturally neutral, works with every outfit, and I no longer think about it when I do it… my hands go through the motions themselves… On the weekends these are the products I stay away from, and play with my stash :)
But five times a week, I look the same. On daily basis I reach for:
1. Lancôme La Base Pro Primer - I like the texture, not the price, and therefore once done no repurchase.
2. Tarte Clean Slate - to smooth out my under eye area, once I'm done with it, I'm done with it, no repurchase. I only use it as an under eye primer because I bought it, not because I need it.
3. Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen - love it, current fave
4. Clinique Airbrush Concealer - will repurchase eventually I think; lovely texture, lovely product, need to use up some other stuff first, including this :)
5. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra liquid foundation - love this shade, it just blends real easy, and is my perfect color match in Buff 2W
6. Laura Mercier Undercover Pot -  it was a part of a set. I already used up the under eye concealer, and the powder, all that is left is the face cover. It's nice, but no repurchase, so many other concealers out there and in my drawer.
7. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Compact - haven't done a review on this, but I think I will eventually. It has an spf of 34, love that.
8. Lancôme Tropiques Minérale - love this bronzer
9. CHANEL: Blush Horizon de CHANEL - Soft Glow Blush - spring 2012 infatuation
10. LORAC Eye Shadow in Persuasion - perfect all over lid and brow bone color
11. Burberry Eye Shadow in Almond - I only own 1, it is gorgeous, working my way across it from one corner to preserve the cross hatch pattern :)
12. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes - this was also a part of some set, it's a double pencil. Dual end makes for easy work, cream shade (14 cream lustre) under the eyes and inner corner, brown shade (05 chocolate lustre) top lid and lightly over the cream on the bottom
13. Mascara not included, it changes as I use up my samples
14. Dior Brow Styler (001 Universal Brown) - almost done with it actually, no repurchase because I have other products to use up, but I really like the convince and ease of use, the fact that it is twist up and requires no sharpening is a plus as well),
15. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle 63 - soft, light, moisturizing
16. NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight - hate it on its own, but a perfect complement to CHANEL Rebelle

and the brushes for the job:
17. Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki - it's super soft, and works great with liquid foundation
18. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Brush - it's short, dense, durable, and it does the job
19. Big Fluffy (is my name for it) - powder and bronzer. The name on it is Elegant Faces, I got it from Jay one Christmas years ago, it's a beautiful brush.
20. i on beauty bamboo blush brush -  blush of course :)
21.  Mini Sigma Blending Brush E24 - for blending in Laura Mercier Linen and Burberry Almond shadow
22. Lancôme Red Shadow Brush -  for Lorac Persuasion lid and brow bone application
23. Spoolie (not pictured) - free from Sephora to brush out brows after pencil

I've seen posts of these types where the beauty blogger actually adds up the cost of the items used... looking at my picture I have a basic idea... feels like a big number... I have no need to confirm :)



  1. I want that chanel blush so much!! I just can not justify the price. x

    1. i love it so much, and i hope time will dull the pain it did to my wallet :)

  2. I need to invest in a good set of brushes ...looks like you have a good selection :)

    P.S. I hope you dont mind, I tagged you in my 11 Beauty Questions Post :)

    1. I feel that I do, it's small but complete... lol... doesn't mean I don't want to add to it :) and thank you for the tag :)

  3. Holy smokes that's a lot of expensive makeup!! I'm really glad to hear that you want to use up everything before you buy something else though. That is determination! I don't know if I would have the discipline of doing that. New makeup just calls to me! Lol

    1. I got a bit out of hand over the past year... need to learn discipline and self control... so I'll try my hardest not to buy, but I'm hoping someone will buy for me :) that is an addict's loophole :)