Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bathingsuit Shopping

We're going somewhere hot and tropical in a few days. Jungles and beaches for a week. I needed a bathing suit…. uhhhh I've been told bikini….

It's a very daunting job… I've been doing a lot of online browsing… you know trying to find the most flattering style for my "body shape" hahahaha… Being afraid of the sun doesn't help my pasty body any when in the change room…

So let me tell you about my swimwear shopping experience. There are many places where one can buy a swimsuit in Toronto. But I decided to do it at a dedicated beachwear store, not a department store not an underwear store… but a store that only carries swimsuits, and this time around I wasn't going to buy something just because it was on sale.

Two days prior to my shopping excursion Jay did some online research and sent me a few links to check out. I chose Sandpipers in Yorkville because their online catalog had a picture of a suit, that I felt would suit me (it didn't').  I think swimsuit shopping, especially in the middle of winter, is very stressful.. it's the season of paleness and extra padding. My SA quickly gave me a rundown of the store, how suits are sorted and where I can find what. Then Jay and I hit the racks… he had a totally opposite view of what I should wear… as he put it:

Jay: You're choosing a suit for the body you see in the mirror… I'm choosing a suit for the body everyone else sees… hmmmm… I believe it's because of this incredibly sweet comment that I eneded up purchasing a two piece..

So I ended up taking 10 options with me to the change room… and here is where Jess the most incredible SA I've ever had kicked in. One she listened to what I liked, what I didn't, was honest in her opinion, and just would not stop bringing me options until I said I had enough. By the end I was exhausted… I've tried on over 50 bathing suits… but I also had two that I really liked. One is a bit retro in my opinion and pleases me… second one (I mixed two separates) is more for Jay but I'm liking it a lot as well.

So here is what I chose…
Next time I need a suit, I'm heading back to Sandpipers hoping Jess or someone just as awesome is still there :)


  1. I love the red bathing suit (and the cat :P), have fun on your holiday :) x

  2. aww enjoy your holiday hun! That red swim suit looks lush! it will look gorgeous on in the sunshine and the 2 piece will look truly tropical on u! xxx

    1. I'm starting to look forward to wearing them... it's -12 today in Toronto... I'm having hard time imagining tropical weather :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks :) looking at them keeps me motivated with p90x :)