Friday, March 2, 2012

Fresh Supernova Mascara sample review

A little mascara sample that came in a set I purchased over the Holidays... geez that was so long ago.
"An ultra-conditioning mascara that creates dramatic, diva-worthy lashes in one swipe." 
The full sized version retails at $28 CAD ($25 USD) I was sure hoping for something special.
The packaging is nice... I love the swirls and stars...
 The brush is quite big. One word that comes to mind with regards to formula is "creamy"... it feels rich somehow...
 so the eye before any mascara... lashes are all going their own way... some clump... some drift...
 after a good coat of Supernova... it does a good job at separating my lashes... but I wasn't won over by it. Something about the size and shape of the brush, and the feel of this stuff wasn't swaying my heart. Then a few hours later I realized this formula just wasn't made for my eyes as I had major smudges under my outer corners... Glad all I had was a sample, this is a definite no for me...


  1. I don't know about you, but I'm having a real hard time finding a HG mascara. Either there's not enough volume, doesn't hold a curl, drips down my face withing a few hours, makes me look like a spider... I'm not having any luck.

    1. I'm giving YSL shocking a go next... it's a never ending search... I had a sample of They're Real! which I loved and will eventually pick up a full sized version of it...

  2. at least it make the eyelashes look very natural :) x Marina

    1. the lashes did look good... but semi black raccoon eyes didn't :)