Monday, March 26, 2012

a little Sunday haul

I've had two days to recover from my vacation... yesterday I woke up and thought "I miss the smell of Holt's"... you know the smell of the makeup/beauty section... all those cosmetics, all prettily arranged, begging to be touched... well that's what I was itching to do... but touching leads to wanting, and wanting leads to buying, so I did end up with a few items... not all from Holts, some are essentials some total indulgences :)

My little Sunday haul consists of
1. shower exfoliating mittens - one of my fave everyday shower items

2. L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Hand Care - a hand cream with spf 15, totally essential for summer, or any day for that matter. It's brand new for L'Occitane... and I've always wanted a hand cream with spf... perfect timing.

3. Some L'Occitane samples - a sachet of lavender hand cream, a sachet of milk concentrate, and two sachets of Immortelle brightening moisture cream which I hear is excellent for combination skin type.

4. Hourglass Mineral Primer - just a sample bottle to see if it's worth the money... Hourglass cosmetics are vegan friendly, I need to explore this line more...

5. CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Long-wear Flawless Fluid Makeup - I went out with no makeup just so I can try this on... I loved the way it looked... now I own a bottle in shade 20 Beige... the SPF 10 had been blacked out... guess not included in Canadian bottles... hmmmm

6. CHANEL Le Vernis in Gold Fingers - from the recently released Vegas collection... it's the only thing I really liked

7. Dior Vernis in Incognito - couldn't resist this neutral

8. Dior Vernis in Plaza - gorgeous pink

9. Diro Vernis in Lucky - a bright redish pink shade

10. Some deodorant, trying out the Secret formula for the first time.

11. Burberry  Sheer Eye Shadow in Rosewood No. 09 - I swatched Pale Barely and I liked it, but I didn't love it, it wasn't special enough in my books... but Rosewood on the other hand I found irresistible.

12. Burberry Sheer Eye  Shadow in Tea Rose No. 11 - perfect complement to Rosewood in my books

13. Tweezers - I seem to have lost mine on our vacation

14. Gosh Nail Lacquer in Forest Floor 005 - limited edition and I do love a good green

15. Gosh Nail Lacquer in Bright Idea 009 - this limited edition pale shade was just calling my name


  1. Love the look of your haul, and it reminds me - I haven't been to a department store for quite some time (err, 2-3 weeks).

    I'm looking forward to your Chanel Perfection Lumiere review :-)

    1. I'm on a personal department store/ makeup ban until May :)

      and today was my first day with my new Chanel foundation, so far so good :)

  2. the shower mittens are cute- the nail polishes look awesome. would love to see the green one on you! can't wait to hear more about the other goodies. =-)

    1. i plan to review most of them as I use them... hopefully my one ugly nail grows out soon so I can finally polish my digits :)