Friday, March 30, 2012

Sephora by OPI TrendTips Real Lacquer Strips - Cherries

I bought these for our trip to Costa Rica. We were attending a wedding, and the theme was cherry blossoms. While I couldn't find any cherry blossom nail apps, I felt cherries were close enough... and actually I have to admit that I didn't find these, Jay did... I haven't tried nail apps by Sephora, decided this was a perfect opportunity to do so.
The package contains only two sets of nail apps (one for each hand), no nail file. Each set has 8 different sized nail apps to fit majority of nail shapes... at $14 CAD ($12 USD) they are also a bit pricey for a product that is really one time use... this was my vacation splurge. I knew I'd have time to apply these down there (no down time), I didn't see myself dealing with nail polish...
Application steps, as listed on
-Select the size that best fits your nail.
-Remove the top clear film.
-Peel the nail polish strip from backing paper with the silver tab.
-Place strip on nail.
-Firmly smooth until wrinkle-free.
-Crease strip at nail edge and file off excess in a gentle downward motion.
-Remove with polish remover.
-For optimal application, use at room temperature.
-Use immediately once package is open or air will cause strip to dry out.

These were really cute to wear. Lasted only a couple of days... seems salt water isn't nail app friendly :). I did not need nail polish to remove them, they actually peeled off quite easily. So, while I enjoyed my cherry nails, no repurchase right now... but I'm not saying no to these either... they are easy and convenient to apply... nice to have when you want some nail art but have no time or patience to do it yourself :)

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