Friday, March 9, 2012

Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara (sample)

Another mascara sample bites the dust. This time around Ultraflesh Panthera... never heard of the company, until I spotted this 100 point trade in at Sephora...
 lashes ready to be coated and ultrafied...
 booo... formula is a major fail... ok maybe not major... but not worth my pennies that's for sure... I managed to get some on my waterline and on my bottom lash line as well (I have no love for the product) lashes are clumped in some spots, and the consistency just felt a bit runny and I really wished I never put down 100 of my points for it... as well it got all sumdgy in my lower outer corners in a couple of hours... not a good look


  1. I personally don't like runny mascaras. When I saw the brush- I was sure it would have good definition and it seems like it does but if it left clumps- boo!!

  2. I know I had high hopes for it as well... this was only a sample, good thing because I won't be purchasing the regular version.

  3. Glad you reviewed this! I'll make sure to newver buy this!:)

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