Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amore Pacific Bio-Enzyme Refining Complex

I am ridiculous. I know it. The fact that I found someone who can love me and my ridiculousness, is kind of miraculous. I think it keeps him amused, and entertained, never knowing what silly path I'm on next.

Two years ago while on a search for my unicorn:  flawless complexion, one day in May 2010 I ended up at the Amore Pacific counter at Holt Renfrew. The SA presented me with this "miracle product". She informed me that her skin resembled mine only a short while ago (and you should have seen my skin, I cringe at the memory). She pulled out a manual, which had detailed description and ingredient list of the said product. On top of the page I notice $250.00... OMG!!! I ask a stupid question:

Me: Is that the price?
SA: No that is US currency, it's $275 Canadian + taxes

Me doing quick math in my head... Oh Lord!!! Thats over $300 for a goddamn face serum!!!... and I walked away.

I tried to find some reviews online, but there really wasn't much out there. I think it might have something to do with the price point of the whole line.

Anyways...three days later, I owned it.
I used it religiously for about a month, but I was actually terrified of the stuff. Yes terrified... I never owned a skincare product so expensive. Part of me wished for it to work, part of me hopped it didn't, because then I'd have to repurchase it regularly, and the thought of spending so much money on regular basis on only one item, tied my guts into one uncomfortable knot.

After a month of daily use I saw no difference in my complexion... most likely due to stress using it gave me, it just counterbalanced whatever effects this serum had :) Once I stopped, I felt relived... ridiculous I know...

It's been almost two years, and I'm well aware that products have a shelf life, but I couldn't part with $300 worth of "magic". So I started to use it again but on my neck, so it wouldn't go to waste.

It was a lovely serum when it comes to texture and scent. Whatever positive effects it had on my skin, I'm too daft to note. Possibly because any active ingredients are no longer active. But it didn't cause any adverse reactions or breakouts which makes me happy. No repurchase, $300 is a lot of change...

... sigh... I could have saved myself so much money... well Jason... Jason could have saved himself so much money... he indulges the ridiculous too much :)

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