Friday, April 13, 2012

Art Battle - March 27th

Jay and I have been attending this monthly Toronto event on and off for the past year. We learned about it from my sister.

Art Battle is exactly what it sounds like, a paint-off between artists. Some are pre-chosen some have their name pulled from a hat at the event and join the battle.

There are three rounds, after each round the audience votes for their favorite painting. The painter with the most votes gets to paint again in round 3. Every painting goes for sale silent auction style. Paintings which do not sell are destroyed at the end of the night. Oh yes the rounds are 20 minutes long, I think... the last round maybe 15? Seriously you'd think I'd pay more attention to the rules... maybe my sis can clarify in the comments :)

I've liked many a painting during the events that I attended, some that I wished to buy quickly went past my bidding limit. However I got lucky during the March battle and purchased my first Art Battle painting. I just like it so much… it reminds me of the bird and the fish… except in this painting it's a horse and a sea-horse… and I just love it.

The artists name is Cat Reyto, and my sister purchased the first painting she painted that night. Cat didn't win the overall battle that night, but I think she totally should have.

I'm still undecided about framing it or leaving it as is.

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