Friday, April 6, 2012

AVEDA Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Raspberry Tea # 460

I went for a haircut last month to a salon I've been frequenting for the past few years. My fave stylist has left and is currently traveling the world, but before she went she recommended someone she though I would like. She was right Mai at Civello on Queen St W, gave me a great haircut, and I'll be coming back to see her again soon.

But this post isn't about hair, it's about gloss. After my appointment as  I was cashing out, the hostess at the front desk said "Because you've recommended someone to this salon you get a free gift. You get to choose an Aveda gloss, any shade you want from our color collection." I'm not quite actually sure when I did that, but I wasn't about to refuse free anything, especially makeup. I always glance at Aveda products, temptation calls every time, but I try to stand firm, and so far succeeded.

Below first glance at Aveda gloss packaging. Both shell and sleeve are made from 100% post-consumer products and printed with soy ink. The gray carton sort of reminds me of egg packaging :)
There was a rainbow of colors to choose from, but I gravitated towards raspberry tea #460.
First shot of my color, looks pretty, pretty unremarkable doesn't it? But that is why I really like it, it's wearable, and easy.
First up arm swatch, daylight but it was late afternoon, and no direct sunlight. Gloss has lovely deep pigmentation and creamy feel. The applicator is standard sponge, so I didn't photograph it.
Second shot with flash. I feel this is a more accurate representation of the shade.
And on my lips. Product is non sticky, and has a very very light minty fragrance. Wears comfortably, feels hydrating, and overall I'm very happy with my freebie :)


  1. That is such a pretty colour! It's almost like a 'my lips but better' kinda shade :)