Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening hand Care SPF 15/PA ++

Every single day I slap spf 55 on my face, 32 under the eyes, and 60 on my arms and legs if exposed. Once I wash my hands, there is usually no sun protection on them of any kind, because the hand creams I use don't contain any, and body sunblock just feels too sticky and greasy on my palms.

Since hands are said to show signs of aging first, and me being in my 30s, I'm worried about developing gnarly spotty grandma hands before my time. So when I spotted this at L'Occitane I nabbed it. Granted it's only spf 15, but something is better than nothing, and their Immortelle range is all anti-aging and youth preserving and all, so there is that.  I like the packaging a lot, the cap is nice and big and deep. It doesn't feel flimsy, so the chances of it coming unscrewed by itself in your purse are slim.
A bit of a L'Occitane blurb:
"Immortelle and Bellis Perennis (Daisy). Immortelle essential oil stimulates collagen production to fill wrinkles,* while Bellis Perennis extract, combined with a vegetal complex, evens skin tone and diminishes existing age spots.* Finally, UV filters have been added to protect your hands from the harmful effects of sun rays."
 I do love my L'Occitane products. This cream is non-greasy, actually I want to say it's kind of dry feeling, it absorbs super fast and has a lovely light scent. It smells like the Immortelle flower, if you don't know what one looks like, here is a pic :)
 I use this cream during the day when I'm heading outside. At night or when I'm just bumming around the house I reach for my Aveda, because it's supper moisturizing and I feel it helps my nails more.

Oh yes… I should mention that getting older and trying to delay looking older is pricey… 75ml tube of Immortelle hand cream costs $32 CAD, but unless I find something else I will most likely repurchase.


  1. I'm still using my L'Occitane Shea Butter handcream. So far it's my go to handcream.. do you think that this one gives the same result? Hahaha... I do agree with you that everything seems pricey to delay looking older.. sigh..


    PS: thank you for stopping by my blog, dear. Love your blog insight about the beauty products!! Really useful ^_^

    1. No L'Occitane original Shea Butter hand cream is the best, one of my faves as well.. this hand cream is great in conjunction with Shea Butter... but if you can choose only one choose Shea :)

  2. I haven't used L'Occitane products before but this sounds like something I would love! I am terrified of greasy hand creams!!


    1. lol... i do love a greasy hand cream, especially at night :) but this is excellent for day to day when you want to moisturize and type right after not wait 10min for the stuff to absorb :)

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.