Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Eyeliner Set - swatches

Color of the season appears to be orange/tangerine. It is bright and loud, and just not very wearable for me other than as nail polish I thought. But on a visit to Sephora, I spotted this set and loved it. What I really wanted was the tangerine pencil only, and if it was sold separately I would have bought two, but it's not so I got the set. I love the other two pencils as well, but I already own similar shades.

First up, the packaging. Gorgeous, if a bit too bulky and wasteful.
 I haven't thrown out the box yet, although the pencils already reside in a cup with all my other eye liners.
 The pencils are twist up which is pretty great; and I haven't taken a picture of it, but the end cap pops off and has a sharpener for the color nib.
 All three casings have sparkle, but only the orange shade has some in its actual formula.
 Swatches from left to right:
- Meteorite, Pantone #19-4008 (black)
- Chestnut, Pantone #19-1118 (brown)
- Tangerine Tango Twist, Pantone #17-1463 (orange)
 Love the feel and glide of these shades... extremely creamy... there is a very small window to smudge before they set.. wear is great, and I can't believe I have an orange eyeliner that I actually love and wear in my collection :)


  1. I don't think I've ever seen an orange eyeliner before. The color is so pretty! You should do an eye look with it and show us how to use it!

    1. I love bright pencils, glad to own this one... and I'll think about posting an eye look, haven't ventured into that territory yet :)