Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wish/Want/Lemming List Vol. 2

I thought I was set... but I'm not... these temptations are calling my name :)

1. La Mer The Powder in Creme - you know because it's THE powder :)

2. Satin Pillowcase - reduced friction between head, face, and pillow means no more morning face creases or bed head hair :) I need to test this out for myself.

3. Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask - it sounds delicious.

4. Chantecaille Pure Rosewater - supposedly it will "restore the integrity of my electromagnetic field" and who wouldn't want that? :)

5. Jane Woolrich Lingerie or a piece like it - saw it on My Fair Wedding in January… OMG! I need something so ethereally gorgeous… :)

...and in another 6 months I shall have set my greedy little eyes on a new line up of stuff  :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ooops there goes another one

except this one I'll put back together with some crazy glue... carefully...
 Seriously what's with me and these busted brushes. Granted this one was less than $10 but still, it felt like quality. It hasn't shed a hair, but the glue holding it together seems to have expired. I am gentle with my brushes, using them only for the purpose they were designed for, in this case blush on my cheeks. And I swear I am so careful when cleaning, always making sure I wet only the bristles and keep my brushes pointed downwards during washing and drying  so no water will seep down and cause damage... but well that doesn't stop my brushes from falling apart...

If you ever wondered what your brush looks like on the inside, here is a pic :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eye Crayon Duo in White Sands/ Molten Lava

Also released as part of EL's summer collection this duo eye kajal pencil. It's thick and fabulous. The extra thick pencils sharpened to dangerous points. No sharpener was included, but that's ok because I have one with the purchase of spring eye kajal pencils. I love that this is a duo, so much easier to keep track of :)
The brown is bold and creamy, the white is softer in color and somehow less creamy. I use brown for tight-lining, and the white for my inner corner. The brown tip feels superior to the white one in my books, I just like it's consistency and wearability a bit more.
These are not extremely long lasting on the waterline, but their consistency and ease of use has me won over. Actually I don't think EL can do wrong in my eyes at this time.... I'm just loving whatever Tom Pecheux decides to put out...

Friday, May 25, 2012

red pants

Since it's been pointed out to me that I did a total face plant when it came to my so called "beauty product ban", I've been trying harder to stick to it... but it seems to be useless.

Couple of weeks ago I came home with these... incredibly bright, incredibly tight red pants... this have the painted on look when worn... seriously they are so thin you can see my knee bones... they are so out of my league... I don't think anyone that knows me would seriously think I own these... but I do... and I kind of like them... either I'm maturing or I'm regressing with regards to my fashion sense...

I felt bad about exchanging makeup ban for clothing shopping... and my incredible hubby in his infinite wisdom found a loophole in my ban... "Baby, you said "no" to beauty products, not to clothes." :) ... holy crap he is so right... but I'm trying to climb back onto the "no beauty no clothing" wagon again :)

No pictures of me actually wearing them... hahahaha... I have the courage to wear them out, but not to post that image on the internet... not yet anyways...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Eye Palette in Bronze Sands

As of now I have three EL 5-shadow palettes, including this one. All three are limited editions. This one is the most outrageous, because all shades are metallic; combining them leads to a very shiny look. Maybe not appropriate for an everyday office look, but there are definitely occasions where these shades will come in handy... even if just used as liners...
 The name Bronze Sands is reflected in the pattern on the shadows. I love how the four large ones seem to complement one another, and the one in the middle is just a pop of color.
 Texture is incredible.. powder-cream-gel type of consistency. Incredibly soft, incredibly pigmented, extremely easy to apply and blend.
Below a few shots of swatches under different light conditions. Thin line applied wet, thicker line applied dry.
I'm in love with these colors especially both pale golds and the teal. In the palette the teal looks really bright, but when applied it has a bit of a greyish cast to it, giving it more dimension.

Lisa Eldridge did a wonderful evening look with this palette. Click HERE to watch these shadows at play.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream

This nail polish came into my possession after someone had a pedi. I secretly wanted it... so it's such a pleasant surprise when someone seems to read your mind... As Jay put it: "I know the way to your heart is through nail polish..." maybe sad... but so true :)

This shade is so gorgeous a mettalicesque pale seafoam green full of green and gold glitter and bigger hexagonal blue glitter pieces.
 I haven't worn it yet. But someone is currently sporting it on his toes. He receives a lot of stares when people notice... but I seriously don't think nail polish is for girls, and rock stars only...colorful toes are too much fun... everyone should give it a go :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

my Estée Lauder summer 2012 picks

I had a package waiting for me when I got home on Thursday. Packages are so much fun, even if you know what's inside :)
 It was an order from Estée Lauder. I have EL counters near my place but I just can't bring myself to muster up the energy to deal with an overzealous SA bent on up-selling... So when I noted that shipping is free, I decided to acquire a couple of items.
 My package arrived in two days... it was wrapped nicer than any EL counter purchase I've ever done :)
I must say that I love all seasonal releases, and look forward to online browsing when they are released.  But if there is one line that consistently rocks my world for the past few seasons, it is Estée Lauder. Tom Pechaux is a color genius... I tried to stay away from the summer line, but I'm just too pathetically pathetic to exert any self-control...
 I splurged on:
Pure Color Gelée Eye Palette in Bronze Sands
Pure Color Intense Kajal Eye Crayon Duo in White Sands/Molten Lava
Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Molten Lava
and a freebie eyelash primer

swatches coming up soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lampe Berger Paris

I've wanted one of these for a couple of years now. Somehow I always thought they were too expensive... it's because the only place I know that stocks them is William Ashley on Bloor St.
However Jay spotted  this limited edition lamp at WA and the price was very accessible at $59.50... So we went, we saw, we purchased ourselves one.
 There are several scents to choose from, limited edition came with Paris Chic, but we also bought Lemon Flower for latter because it smelled amazing... Our set included all of the stuff pictured below.
  and here is how this lamp works...
- pour the scent in
- wait 20 min for the wick to absorb the liquid
- light for 2 min
- blow out put the decorative top on and let the fragrance infuse your room
- after your desired time (recommended 20min for each 10 sq. m) remove the decorative stopper (careful it can be really hot) put the cap back on and replace the decorative stopper...
 the initial flame is really big and high, so burn carefully and don't leave unattended...
When the flame is going there is no scent... but within seconds of blowing it out, our room is all Paris Chic fragrance... it's a gorgeous product... and eventually we'll  acquire ourselves another one...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sugared Maple times 2

I was picking a color for my weekly basket, when I realized I have two shades with the same name but from different companies. So I decided to compare them.

The shade name is Sugared Maple and both lipsticks were a gift with purchase from the respective company.
 In the tube Lancôme looks more creamy and dark, while Clinique looks a bit frosty.
 When it comes to swatching, Lancôme is definately more pigmented and red, while Clinique applies more on sheer side. But both are comfortable on the lips.
 I enjoy both shades, it just all depends on what I'm wearing, and how I'm feeling. But these two are the quintessential fall shades for me... summer is on it's way... they won't get much play these days...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dior - Diorshow Liner Waterproof in Turquoise (258)

My choice from Dior's summer lineup, along with the Bikini nail polish. The minute I saw this pencil I was sweet on it, when I found out they have only two left I knew I was going to get myself one. I think nail polish and eye pencils are my weakness... so easy to collect.
Love this packaging, a slim sleek silver twist up pen, with the end cap serving double duty as a sharpener as well...
Color: gorgeous light teal blue, leaning towards seafoam blue with miniscule silver shimmer...
This pencil is waterproof... excellent, excellent staying power...
I decided to compare it to Lise Watier's Blue Lagoon which I also own to check if one can serve as a dupe for the other... and well really they can't, not in my books... Blue Lagoon is more blue with more noticeable silver shimmer... Turquoise is well more turquoise :) I know my analytical mind must be blowing yours :)
so I'm happy to own both... I need someone to come out with a pretty pink... I own the one by MUFE and I like it, but I know someone can make a better one :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

my Tintin look...

so a couple of days I wrote about sculpting clay I use on my hair... I thought I might as well show you how short my hair currently is... this is usually  my weekend look... it's not a mohawk... I refer to it as my Tintin look... everything is neatly groomed except for a flip at the front... sometimes I sport a mohawk type style as well... husband loves it...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aveda Men Pure-formance Grooming Clay

I keep my hair short... currently really short. It's super easy to take care of and doesn't get in the way of anything. My stylist informed that even though it's short I should not discount styling it, but play with it a bit... laziness might lead to having a "mom" haircut, I'm not quite sure what she meant by that. There is nothing wrong with a "mom" haircut... my sister is a mommy and has super short hair... she looks awesome.

I don't need a blow dryer to style it, just my fingers and a little bit of clay. I splurged on a container of clay from Aveda. The packaging leads one to believe that it's for men, but hair is hair, and I don't think there is much difference. 

It's the scent that's not very girly... it's kind of herbal citrus... I can't smell it after a while, not sure if others do...
 Love the texture, creamy and thick. I wet my hands than grab a little dollop and emulsify in between my palms. It thins it out a bit and makes it creamy and even easier to work with. Then tousle through my short tresses and style as wanted.
This product provides strong hold and matte finish. It's best for someone with short/ shortish hair. It also leaves my hair soft to the touch, which is great for re-styling throughout the day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've been tagged...

by the gorgeous and talented Iridescent Makeup with 11 Questions Tag.. be sure to check out her blog for some beautiful eye looks... I will answer the questions she posed... but the tag stops here because I'm too lazy to think up of 11 of my own... I'm sorry... I'm really  not that good at tags or awards...

1. What's the best memory you have off the top of your mind?
My last summer in Poland before we moved to Canada... I'm sure time has clouded my memories, but it was the most awesome summer ever.

2. Your #1 must have beauty tool?
eyelash curlers... I ignored them for years, now I can't live without them

3. Which is your favorite face moisturizer?
La Roche-Posay Effaclar K

4. Around what age did you start doing your makeup?
I had sporadic makeup adventures since I was a teen, but honestly I've been really doing my makeup for the past couple of years :)

5. Short or long nails?
short... always... long nails drive me nutty

6. What is the number one product you use in your hair and why?
Lush henna in Caca Brun Mama... every 4-6 weeks... I just love this brown, and how shiny and healthy my hair is after coloring.

7. What place have you been to that has a beautiful memory in and who was it with?
New York with my sister and Costa Rica with my husband and some friends are the most recent ones... both trips have some awesome memories...

8. Who is that one person you can trust will hear you out and allow you to let it out?
my husband

9. If you could have a second home- where would it be and why?

Miami - leave at 9 and by noon (by plane) I can have palm trees, beach, ocean, and a mojito :)

10. What makes you laugh/cry every time?

I can't think of anything.

11. What do you like to splurge on the most?

nail polish and shoes :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

my weekend

This is totally a non-beauty post... this is a random yummy food weekend post... Saturday was an evening of celebration... Our place of choice was Brassaii on King St W...
 There were four of us... we began our evening with some cocktails...
 the bread basket... rolls were warm, soft, and buttery... so I had to pass...
Most of what we enjoyed on Saturday is no longer available... as the menu changed on May 6th... but here is my photo journal...
scallops and chickpeas
 lobster ravioli...
 Greek meatballs with tzatziki , cucumber, and mint...
 kale salad with beets and lemon vinaigrette...
 vegan special :)
 walnut vacherin...
 peanut butter creme brulee...
 coconut macaroon and white chocolate napoleon...
yummmm... Happy Birthday ladies!!! and congrats to you both on your accomplishments :)