Thursday, May 3, 2012

Regret - Bite Vitamin Gel Update

I can't believe how much this product sucks, like seriously… it sucks.  You can find my original impressions about it here… It hasn't changed much when it comes to the actual product, it still doesn't deliver what it promises… but what really has me peeved is the packaging.

Now in my original review, I mentioned how my husband had one and it fell apart on him in a couple of days. He can be rough with his toys so I heard him out, but well boys will be boys.

The one I use the most I keep on my bathroom shelf. Once or twice a day I apply it to use it up. I'm not rough with it, I take it off the shelf, unscrew the cap, gently apply pressure to squeeze some product out, mush it around my lips, eat a little bit and put it back.

Well last week this happened…
The actual tube cracked, and currently product is leaking out when any pressure is applied, so I get some on my lips and some on my thumb as well. Seriously was this packaging even tested out at all?!
I am peeved with myself for such a waste… I have to say this brand will not be getting any further interest from me… a regret for sure.