Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Eye Palette in Bronze Sands

As of now I have three EL 5-shadow palettes, including this one. All three are limited editions. This one is the most outrageous, because all shades are metallic; combining them leads to a very shiny look. Maybe not appropriate for an everyday office look, but there are definitely occasions where these shades will come in handy... even if just used as liners...
 The name Bronze Sands is reflected in the pattern on the shadows. I love how the four large ones seem to complement one another, and the one in the middle is just a pop of color.
 Texture is incredible.. powder-cream-gel type of consistency. Incredibly soft, incredibly pigmented, extremely easy to apply and blend.
Below a few shots of swatches under different light conditions. Thin line applied wet, thicker line applied dry.
I'm in love with these colors especially both pale golds and the teal. In the palette the teal looks really bright, but when applied it has a bit of a greyish cast to it, giving it more dimension.

Lisa Eldridge did a wonderful evening look with this palette. Click HERE to watch these shadows at play.


  1. This looks gorgeous. I really like the browny shade :)

    1. EL has another winner in their collection :)

  2. Is it weird that I totally just want to mush my fingers into this palette? The texture sounds *and* looks cool :D