Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lampe Berger Paris

I've wanted one of these for a couple of years now. Somehow I always thought they were too expensive... it's because the only place I know that stocks them is William Ashley on Bloor St.
However Jay spotted  this limited edition lamp at WA and the price was very accessible at $59.50... So we went, we saw, we purchased ourselves one.
 There are several scents to choose from, limited edition came with Paris Chic, but we also bought Lemon Flower for latter because it smelled amazing... Our set included all of the stuff pictured below.
  and here is how this lamp works...
- pour the scent in
- wait 20 min for the wick to absorb the liquid
- light for 2 min
- blow out put the decorative top on and let the fragrance infuse your room
- after your desired time (recommended 20min for each 10 sq. m) remove the decorative stopper (careful it can be really hot) put the cap back on and replace the decorative stopper...
 the initial flame is really big and high, so burn carefully and don't leave unattended...
When the flame is going there is no scent... but within seconds of blowing it out, our room is all Paris Chic fragrance... it's a gorgeous product... and eventually we'll  acquire ourselves another one...


  1. This sounds so nice- I bet it smells awesome. I even love the bottle. =-)

    1. i love the bottle as well it simple and colorful, and perfect in my living room :)