Friday, May 25, 2012

red pants

Since it's been pointed out to me that I did a total face plant when it came to my so called "beauty product ban", I've been trying harder to stick to it... but it seems to be useless.

Couple of weeks ago I came home with these... incredibly bright, incredibly tight red pants... this have the painted on look when worn... seriously they are so thin you can see my knee bones... they are so out of my league... I don't think anyone that knows me would seriously think I own these... but I do... and I kind of like them... either I'm maturing or I'm regressing with regards to my fashion sense...

I felt bad about exchanging makeup ban for clothing shopping... and my incredible hubby in his infinite wisdom found a loophole in my ban... "Baby, you said "no" to beauty products, not to clothes." :) ... holy crap he is so right... but I'm trying to climb back onto the "no beauty no clothing" wagon again :)

No pictures of me actually wearing them... hahahaha... I have the courage to wear them out, but not to post that image on the internet... not yet anyways...


  1. Hahaha, i bet you look good in them! The colour is awesome!

    1. the bright red had me won over... putting my butt out there is an experience :)