Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Peel (extra strength)

I purchased this product months ago, the day Dr. Dennis Gross products were introduced on the Shopping Channel and were part of a showstopper special. A 30 day supply retails for approximately $90 CAD... I am always happy to pay less :)

I love the fact that the towelettes are individually packaged. Easy to travel with (not that I did any travel recently), but also they don't dry out on you. They are quite sizeable, a little too big if you ask me, but maybe that's how much product you're supposed to wipe onto your face. I just included my neck and decollete into the process.

Open packet 1, rub onto cleansed face until the wipes starts to feel dry.
Wait 2 min.
Open packet 2 and rub onto face.
Do not rinse off.

The wipes are antiaging face peel in 30 days. Supposedly it contains 40 ingredients for "immediate and lasting results". It claims to deliver: wrinkle reduction, balances oil, tones skin, improves clarity and radiance, clams redness, sensitivity and irritation... oh and it's gentle.

Well... I'm almost done with my 30 day regiment. I use these wipes every single night instead of my toner. At the beginning I broke out, and for the first couple of days my skin felt irritated and I had a bit of stinging near my nose area on my cheeks. But I never experienced extreme dryness or any peeling.

Did the wipes deliver? Yes, enough so that eventually I will repurchase another 30 day supply. They definitely helped with the tone of my skin, reducing redness and. All around it feels better, and it looks better. Nowhere near flawless :) but I'm happy with any improvement (even if slight).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lush: Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

Charity Pot from Lush is a feel good product. Every single penny from a sale go to a charity (well except for any tax.... the government wants their tax :)) Even the time, man power, and ingredients used to produce this product are donated. I bought myself a big 225g jar ($21.95 CAD) and keep it on my desk at work, to keep my hands moisturized throughout the day.
The lotion is a light yellow custard color, rich, and creamy, a dab does the job. It contains almond oil, organic cocoa butter, and ylang ylang floral fragrance which I wasn't really crazy about at the beginning. I wouldn't use this as a body lotion because I find the scent to be a bit strong... but I don't mind it for my hands that much.
Each jar has a sticker that identifies the charity being supported.  Lush supports a whole variety of grassroots charities around the world, Friends of Nevada Wilderness is just one of them.
If you were ever curious about Lush hand and body lotions I suggest you give Charity Pot a try. It comes in a smaller size... I think you'll quite enjoy the consistency and feel of it, but give it a whiff first... fragrance is an individual thing :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why the silence?

I usually work on my blog on the weekend... but my best friend got sick and as she started to fall apart so did I a bit... currently she has medication and is getting better... should be back to her normal waggy tail self in a few days... and so should I....
I was so thankful to live within easy access to  24h emergency animal clinic...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins

This is another shampoo out the 4 I currently use. It is from one of my fave brands Klorane.

My hair goes through phases. It has it's growing phase, and just a touch of stress will throw into a tail spin of thinning and shedding madness, that makes me all panicky. Currently I'm stuck in a bit of a stress phase... so I purchased a shampoo to help me address my issues.

This concoction from Klorane is aimed at "revitalizing and strengthening, lifeless, weakened hair, complementary to hair loss treatments". I am not using any treatment, but I just liked the look and sound of this shampoo.

Bark from Cinchona pubescens Vahl. tree is naturally rich in Quinine which supposedly has powerful strengthening and astringent properties. Formulated in this shampoo it claims to restore vigor and hair resistance. I got all that from the back of the box :)

I enjoy the consistency and the scent of this shampoo. It smells so wonderful. Of course it's impossible for me to describe it other that to say the fragrance is unisex, and appealing. No flowers no sweetness, it's more like cologne... hahahaha... horrible, horrible analogy. The scent only lasts for as long as you shampoo, after a clean rinse and condition I no longer detect it... but I do wish that I did :) Hair feels clean and fluffy... it's still falling out... but I'm hoping it will stop soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

I used to use this product religiously years ago…This past February while purchasing some items from EL spring collection, I asked the two SAs working that day, which EL product is their all time fave. They both simultaneously replied Advanced Night Repair Serum. One has been using it for 15years, the other for 10… their skin… envy worthy.
 I procrastinated a bit when it came to purchase. First I added Dior One Essential to my routine, and you can read what I thought of it HERE. I didn't want start two different serums at the same time, because then I wouldn't know which one was responsible for the changes if there were any to be seen.
So after 60 days of Dior, and one happy Lucy… I decided to incorporate EL serum. I did not stop using Dior, it claims after all to boost the efficiency of other products. But I did do some EL research first. Advanced Night Repair Serum has a huge cult following, and countless favorable reviews. Estée Lauder even held a year long study of this serum… frankly I was so surprised by that… mostly you'll see things like "based on a self assessment of 50 women over 30 days"… they even had a graph, which I'm including…
So looking at the graph I'm not sure what the vertical line, -20 to 80 is measuring. I assume it's "sings of aging", is it lines and wrinkles?… their number?, depth?, volume?, density?, area?… it would be helpful to know, but let's just call it 'level of ugly' ;)… We have a time line of 12 months on the horizontal line. And wow! we have a control group! vs ANR users. It's easy to see that ANR users see drastic results in the first 8 weeks after which positive results continue to grow just at much reduced rate. On the other hand the Control Group hold their ugly steady at level 0 for the first 4 months, after which over the next two they plummet to -10 on the scale of ugly… month 6 and beyond Control Group continues to uglify but at a slower rate… with heavy hearts we can clearly see that by month 12 they are practically at -20 of ugly.  Very informative this ain't :), but amusing it is :)... to me at least.

Moving on, EL claims ANR incorporates their exclusive Chronolux™ Technology (love trademarked words :)) and benefits you in the following ways:
"1. Repairs the appearance of past damage and addresses the visible damaging effects of environmental assaults—UV light, smoke and pollution—before they become permanent.
2. Helps prevent future damage.
3. Delivers high levels of hydration. "

EL also states that this serum is for all women of any ethnicity… however apparently it does not work equally for all ethnicities. As reported on
94% of Asian Women* thought their skin looked more luminous and felt more hydrated. (* means Tested in China)
91% of  Caucasian Women thought their skin looked healthier.
87% of Black Women felt their skin was smoother, more balanced and glowed with a healthy look.
84% of Hispanic Women felt their skin looked more calm and soothed. Looked healthier and radiant.

Since I fall into the Caucasian category, I had high hopes. I documented my study of my face, using digital media. I concentrated on my forehead, it's the biggest area of my face and I felt most likely to show any signs of improvement, lack of, or deterioration. I'm not posting the pictures because I don't see much change between my photos. The lines are still there... I really wasn't under the delusion that they'll disappear. However I'm also not disappointed with this product and I must agree with the 91% and say I feel my skin looks healthier.

I prefer serums to creams, especially during the spring/summer months. I feel they are more potent yet don't feel heavy on my skin. This serum gives my face hydration it needs with just one drop. I've been using it nightly for several weeks and enjoy it. It's a bit pricey... I paid $85 for the 1.7 fl oz bottle on our flight back from Costa Rica in March, but no regrets. Plus since I really only need a drop, this will last for a while.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk

I never stick with just one shampoo at a time. Currently I alternate between 4. They are all great, and I cannot just settle for one.

One of my favorite shampoo brands is Klorane. It usually retails for $13 CAD and change at Shoppers Drug Mart, but it also goes on sale regularly, and I purchased this bottle for $10 CAD. For me it falls into the mid-range price wise.

I wash my hair every day... I can't help myself. I hear that's it's not ideal, but I just feel itchy and greasy if I don't. Because of that I tend to choose shampoos labeled gentle and frequent use.

So as stated on the box this shampoo is "ultra-gentle, protecting, frequent use for the whole family, high pediatric tolerance".  Recommended for everyone 3-years old and up for all hair types. It softens, protects, and detangles... is dermatologist tested, and paraben free.

The color is opaque cream. The shampoo feels rich and lathers beautifully. It also smells divine... I can't really describe it, it's a clean unisex scent, not sweet or flowery at all.

This was a great purchase... definitely one I'll be making over and over again...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Estée Lauder Lash Primer Plus

This is a little 10 day sample... but I always get more than 10 days worth of use out of sample mascaras and lash primers.
I don't know if you can tell but the color of this primer is a light lavender, and the brush is very sizeable. My first impression was " wow this stuff is pretty great". It separates my lashes and coats them evenly... and the mascara applies easily on top...
I never put much stock into lash primers, I use them when I get a freebie with purchase. I have never actually spent my own money on one, but this one has me tempted. I really like the formula and I'm totally buying into the whole "my lashes feel conditioned" gimmick...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baléa Exfoliating Facial Wipes

I picked up a box of these at Shoppers Drug Mart specifically for the packaging. I wanted that plastic box. Towelettes that I've used in the past tended to dry out too quickly as the seal wore off with daily use. So I bought this for the box, to use with other brands of face towelettes.
 I wasn't going to discard the towelettes that came with the box, but neither did I think much of them when I bought them. Seriously without this packaging I would never even given them a thought. Inside a little seal that you can simply peel off, but I keep it on even with the plastic lid.
 The towelettes are much smaller than I'm accustomed too. But I realized I don't mind, this size is actually perfect for my purposes. Others I've used felt a tad too big, but were too small if cut in half... Baléa has it right. However they feel very dry. I've expected them to feel wetter, instead they feel barely damp.
One side of the towelette is a bit knobbly. It is textured but does not feel abrasive on your face. I find these little nubs to be actually very pleasant and I feel as if my makeup removal is more effective.
 The other side is smooth... for that one last once over...
I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying these. The size, dampness, and makeup removal effectiveness all work for me. Plus they're half the price of any other brand I've tried so far, so that is a major plus.

They do contain a strong fragrance, that might be a deterrent to some. But I love it because it reminds me of Lily of the Valley, one of my all time fave flowers...