Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baléa Exfoliating Facial Wipes

I picked up a box of these at Shoppers Drug Mart specifically for the packaging. I wanted that plastic box. Towelettes that I've used in the past tended to dry out too quickly as the seal wore off with daily use. So I bought this for the box, to use with other brands of face towelettes.
 I wasn't going to discard the towelettes that came with the box, but neither did I think much of them when I bought them. Seriously without this packaging I would never even given them a thought. Inside a little seal that you can simply peel off, but I keep it on even with the plastic lid.
 The towelettes are much smaller than I'm accustomed too. But I realized I don't mind, this size is actually perfect for my purposes. Others I've used felt a tad too big, but were too small if cut in half... Baléa has it right. However they feel very dry. I've expected them to feel wetter, instead they feel barely damp.
One side of the towelette is a bit knobbly. It is textured but does not feel abrasive on your face. I find these little nubs to be actually very pleasant and I feel as if my makeup removal is more effective.
 The other side is smooth... for that one last once over...
I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying these. The size, dampness, and makeup removal effectiveness all work for me. Plus they're half the price of any other brand I've tried so far, so that is a major plus.

They do contain a strong fragrance, that might be a deterrent to some. But I love it because it reminds me of Lily of the Valley, one of my all time fave flowers...

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