Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Peel (extra strength)

I purchased this product months ago, the day Dr. Dennis Gross products were introduced on the Shopping Channel and were part of a showstopper special. A 30 day supply retails for approximately $90 CAD... I am always happy to pay less :)

I love the fact that the towelettes are individually packaged. Easy to travel with (not that I did any travel recently), but also they don't dry out on you. They are quite sizeable, a little too big if you ask me, but maybe that's how much product you're supposed to wipe onto your face. I just included my neck and decollete into the process.

Open packet 1, rub onto cleansed face until the wipes starts to feel dry.
Wait 2 min.
Open packet 2 and rub onto face.
Do not rinse off.

The wipes are antiaging face peel in 30 days. Supposedly it contains 40 ingredients for "immediate and lasting results". It claims to deliver: wrinkle reduction, balances oil, tones skin, improves clarity and radiance, clams redness, sensitivity and irritation... oh and it's gentle.

Well... I'm almost done with my 30 day regiment. I use these wipes every single night instead of my toner. At the beginning I broke out, and for the first couple of days my skin felt irritated and I had a bit of stinging near my nose area on my cheeks. But I never experienced extreme dryness or any peeling.

Did the wipes deliver? Yes, enough so that eventually I will repurchase another 30 day supply. They definitely helped with the tone of my skin, reducing redness and. All around it feels better, and it looks better. Nowhere near flawless :) but I'm happy with any improvement (even if slight).


  1. That's awesome- if it helps with skin tone and reducing redness is always nice. I've never tried peels before and I've heard some of them are really good. This one sounds even better if it doesn't dry out your skin completely. =-)

    1. yes i really enjoyed it... the price can be a bit daunting... but it was worth it