Friday, June 8, 2012

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

I used to use this product religiously years ago…This past February while purchasing some items from EL spring collection, I asked the two SAs working that day, which EL product is their all time fave. They both simultaneously replied Advanced Night Repair Serum. One has been using it for 15years, the other for 10… their skin… envy worthy.
 I procrastinated a bit when it came to purchase. First I added Dior One Essential to my routine, and you can read what I thought of it HERE. I didn't want start two different serums at the same time, because then I wouldn't know which one was responsible for the changes if there were any to be seen.
So after 60 days of Dior, and one happy Lucy… I decided to incorporate EL serum. I did not stop using Dior, it claims after all to boost the efficiency of other products. But I did do some EL research first. Advanced Night Repair Serum has a huge cult following, and countless favorable reviews. Estée Lauder even held a year long study of this serum… frankly I was so surprised by that… mostly you'll see things like "based on a self assessment of 50 women over 30 days"… they even had a graph, which I'm including…
So looking at the graph I'm not sure what the vertical line, -20 to 80 is measuring. I assume it's "sings of aging", is it lines and wrinkles?… their number?, depth?, volume?, density?, area?… it would be helpful to know, but let's just call it 'level of ugly' ;)… We have a time line of 12 months on the horizontal line. And wow! we have a control group! vs ANR users. It's easy to see that ANR users see drastic results in the first 8 weeks after which positive results continue to grow just at much reduced rate. On the other hand the Control Group hold their ugly steady at level 0 for the first 4 months, after which over the next two they plummet to -10 on the scale of ugly… month 6 and beyond Control Group continues to uglify but at a slower rate… with heavy hearts we can clearly see that by month 12 they are practically at -20 of ugly.  Very informative this ain't :), but amusing it is :)... to me at least.

Moving on, EL claims ANR incorporates their exclusive Chronolux™ Technology (love trademarked words :)) and benefits you in the following ways:
"1. Repairs the appearance of past damage and addresses the visible damaging effects of environmental assaults—UV light, smoke and pollution—before they become permanent.
2. Helps prevent future damage.
3. Delivers high levels of hydration. "

EL also states that this serum is for all women of any ethnicity… however apparently it does not work equally for all ethnicities. As reported on
94% of Asian Women* thought their skin looked more luminous and felt more hydrated. (* means Tested in China)
91% of  Caucasian Women thought their skin looked healthier.
87% of Black Women felt their skin was smoother, more balanced and glowed with a healthy look.
84% of Hispanic Women felt their skin looked more calm and soothed. Looked healthier and radiant.

Since I fall into the Caucasian category, I had high hopes. I documented my study of my face, using digital media. I concentrated on my forehead, it's the biggest area of my face and I felt most likely to show any signs of improvement, lack of, or deterioration. I'm not posting the pictures because I don't see much change between my photos. The lines are still there... I really wasn't under the delusion that they'll disappear. However I'm also not disappointed with this product and I must agree with the 91% and say I feel my skin looks healthier.

I prefer serums to creams, especially during the spring/summer months. I feel they are more potent yet don't feel heavy on my skin. This serum gives my face hydration it needs with just one drop. I've been using it nightly for several weeks and enjoy it. It's a bit pricey... I paid $85 for the 1.7 fl oz bottle on our flight back from Costa Rica in March, but no regrets. Plus since I really only need a drop, this will last for a while.


  1. I've been wanting to try this serum as I've read a lot of raves about it. Even though it might not be able to erase lines, it does seem like it works to improve the look of your skin overall :)