Monday, June 18, 2012

Lush: Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

Charity Pot from Lush is a feel good product. Every single penny from a sale go to a charity (well except for any tax.... the government wants their tax :)) Even the time, man power, and ingredients used to produce this product are donated. I bought myself a big 225g jar ($21.95 CAD) and keep it on my desk at work, to keep my hands moisturized throughout the day.
The lotion is a light yellow custard color, rich, and creamy, a dab does the job. It contains almond oil, organic cocoa butter, and ylang ylang floral fragrance which I wasn't really crazy about at the beginning. I wouldn't use this as a body lotion because I find the scent to be a bit strong... but I don't mind it for my hands that much.
Each jar has a sticker that identifies the charity being supported.  Lush supports a whole variety of grassroots charities around the world, Friends of Nevada Wilderness is just one of them.
If you were ever curious about Lush hand and body lotions I suggest you give Charity Pot a try. It comes in a smaller size... I think you'll quite enjoy the consistency and feel of it, but give it a whiff first... fragrance is an individual thing :)


  1. ooooh i might have to have a smell of this next time i go into lush :)


    1. i do love lush products... the scent is always a deciding factor for me :)