Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garlic for strong beautiful nails

I read about this treatment on one of the blogs I follow, quite some time ago. I wish I could remember the blog and author because I'd love to give this person credit for putting ideas in my head :)

The gist of the treatment is: cut a fresh garlic clove in half, and rub the cut site all over your nails and cuticles, to promote strong healthy nails. Recommended once a week but more often is better.

I've been doing this sporadically. Once I'm done rubbing, I leave my fingers all sticky and garlicky and watch tv for a little bit. Then I wash off… the scent of garlic really lingers. I hear lemons help to neutralize it, but I haven't tried it. 

My nails are looking great (well for me, I've had horrible nails forever now :)), but I'm not sure if it's due to the garlic regimen I do now and then, or more likely because I've been taking supplements and moisturizing like crazy. Either way I'm ready to paint… my nail polish drawer has been collecting dust and new bottles for almost two years now…. or has it been over two years... hmmmm... either way, too long for sure.

Anywho I'm hoping I won't suffer any lapses with my nails, and will continue to rub garlic on them now and then. I'm not sure if it's helping, but it can't hurt. Cheap household remedies are so good for my wallet.

Is anyone else out there rubbing garlic on their fingers, or is it just me and this blogger I got the idea from?


  1. I used to do this a very long time ago. It not only made my nails grow harder and faster but made them so much whiter. They wouldn't chip off like they currently do. But- I stopped thanks to the smell. Lol- I should do this once in a while. Garlic does miracles for nails.

  2. omg I am so happy to hear that... I'll make an effort to do it more often :)

  3. My nails are quite weak and my cuticles get out of control so quickly...I'm going to have to try this!

    x Courtney from Strawberree Swing

    1. if you don't mind strong garlic smell, then you might love it :)